Blogroll of Indian Atheists and Agnostics

February 24, 2009

This is a blogroll of Indian Atheist and Agnostic bloggers. If you are an Atheist/Agnostic blogger from India or of Indian origin or write excusively about India, we would like to add your blog to the blogroll. Your blog need not be exclusively about religion or atheism. However, we request you to display the Indian Atheist graphic on your blog. Once you add the graphic, please send us an email with the URL of your blog and a subject line which reads ” Please add me to the Indian Atheists blogroll” and we will add your blog to our blogroll. Please allow us a week to respond to your request. Thank You.

For instructions on how to add the graphic, click on the graphic below.

If you have any questions you can mail me at or




  1. A Hindu Atheist (added 02/27/2009)

  2. Beliefs, Religion and Reason – A perspective of Hindu Atheist (added 02/26/2009)

  3. Hate, Actually (added 03/20/2009)

  4. Neglected Serendipity (added 06/17/2009)

  5. Nitwit Nastik (added 02/24/2009)

  6. The Different Kind (added 03/27/2009)

  7. The Man on the Couch (added 05/09/2009)


3 Responses to “Blogroll of Indian Atheists and Agnostics”

  1. In my view Hinduism and especially Buddhism is an atheist religion. However, I am an ex-Sikh, a religion that turned into a dogma.

  2. Pakistani atheist website is so active comparing to Indian. I guess Indians don’t really care about god-dam religion.

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